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Drive Growth With A Channel That Works


You're constantly looking to optimize the performance of your paid channels.

Consumers are numb to paid search, banner ads, paid social, and even retargeting.

That's where influencer marketing steps in. Here's what you'll get in this influencer marketing starter kit:

  • 4 worksheets on how to build your influencer marketing strategy
  • Why Brands and Agencies Need Influencer Marketing eBook
What the industry is saying about influencer marketing & tapinfluence

"Called TapFusion, this completely automated platform allows a brand to post a new campaign — along with requirements, images, time frame, specs for influencers, and other factors — that sifts the approximately 25,000 registered social media influencers for the most appropriate purveyors."

Barry Levine
Senior Writer // VentureBeat

"TapInfluence also works with the Nielsen Catalina Solutions to provide its clients with attribution data on the conversions driven by each campaign and influencer. This includes return-on-investment data for both online and in-store transactions."

Patience Higgins
Reporter // The Wall Street Journal

"This is the first study to tie in-store sales lift to influencer marketing. The $285 incremental sales per 1,000 pageviews from influencer marketing combined with a continually decreasing CPM, resulted in 11 times the ROI over average display ads annually."

Brand Share