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Grow your digital marketing strategy with influencer marketing.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • How influencer marketing drives more incremental sales than any other form of digital advertising
  • Why influencer content creates a long-tail impact on ROI
  • How the TapFusion platform delivers 10x the results of manual influencer marketing
What the industry is saying about influencer marketing & tapinfluence

"Called TapFusion, this completely automated platform allows a brand to post a new campaign — along with requirements, images, time frame, specs for influencers, and other factors — that sifts the approximately 25,000 registered social media influencers for the most appropriate purveyors."

Barry Levine
Senior Writer // VentureBeat

"TapInfluence also works with the Nielsen Catalina Solutions to provide its clients with attribution data on the conversions driven by each campaign and influencer. This includes return-on-investment data for both online and in-store transactions."

Patience Higgins
Reporter // The Wall Street Journal

"This is the first study to tie in-store sales lift to influencer marketing. The $285 incremental sales per 1,000 pageviews from influencer marketing combined with a continually decreasing CPM, resulted in 11 times the ROI over average display ads annually."

Brand Share